I created “Queen Of The Scene” in 1997 as a gathering place to support the local music scene in south florida. I attended alot of shows and wanted to be more involved. I was too shy to really do anything, so being an anonymous web master was perfect. Queen Of The Scene became a popular resource for musicians and fans alike, especially the message board and editorials by infamous characters such as Lord Vader, Foxy Malone, The Nine Inch Knight, Nuclear Skull & Nurse Muffy. It has been through many changes over the years and because it got to be too much work for just one person to maintain, It was left alone as a message board for a breif period of time. Eventually when social networking sites such as myspace & facebook emerged and the internet is much more accessible, It became easier for me to find current news and make updates and show announcements.

After a chance discussion with one of Tobacco Road’s promoters, DJ Oski, I was asked to put together a show and he would help me make it happen. Thats when FemmeFest was born. The first of many multi-band festivals that we have organized together. Oski also gave me a monthly night at his original live music showcase called THE ROCK at Tobacco Road (“Queen’s Royal Thursday” is the last thursday of every month). Our partnership became a promotional monster called “Status QuO Promotions”, which is now called “QOOL SHOWS“. Since December 2007, I have produced 1-2 Festivals a month, each featuring 15-30 bands, plus artists and vendors! (yes, I said 15-30 bands!)

From a shy anonymous fan of local music, to a well-known and respected promoter all over south florida, I have booked at venues in Miami-Dade county, Broward county, West Palm Beach & even the Florida Keys!