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No, this is not about the band OVERKILL, lol.

Just wondering… does it hurt or help when a band has alot of shows back to back? Obviously if they are getting paid by the clubs, then its beneficial for the band financially, as well as in merch sales. And it can also be beneficial in gaining exposure and building a fanbase.

But as far as audience attendance, do you think it’s wise? For instance, one might put off seeing the band if they know the band plays twice a week all over town. Also, venues could get tired of booking the same bands over and over, especially if their audience is dwindling due to the previous scenario.

Then comes the question, if a band only performs live a few times a year (or once a year), are they simply forgotten?

So which option is best… to whore your band out as much as possible or to make medium-rare special appearances?

I’ve heard managers saying a band should play as often as possible andI’ve also heard the opposite, that in a place like south florida, a band should only play once a month in dade, then broward the following month, then wpb…etc.

What are your thoughts?

  1. Jack Sinisterr says:

    Bands need to provide variety, that’s the problem. I’ll watch SoandSoBand x amount of times doing the same synchronized hair windmill and be bored to death after the first few shows, resulting in me not caring to see them again. It’s not a matter of how good your songs are, if you’re playing a show in chancletas and a Megadeth shirt just standing there nervous as hell you’re not gonna win anyone over, except the drunk dude at the bar. Focus more on getting the crowd sucked in with energy and creativity and you can play as many shows as you wish with great reward in the end. I’ve performed with bands of all kinds of genres and I speak from experience, what gets a crowd is a memorable performance, no matter how out of the norm it can be. Provide that and you’ll be playing shows worthy of your gas money and time.

  2. I think bands should play often but change the venue. I think playing at the same venue over and over does not help the band at all. I would say don’t play more than twice a month at the same venue, if you are playing at the same venue too often, chances are your not traveling enough. The more venues you play at, the more exposure your band will get to different crowds. In summary, play as much as you can in as many different venues as you can.

  3. JesRed says:

    A promoters point of view – Bands – If you play to often at the same venue or even too much in the same area, attendance does tend to go down. If the venues are too close its gonna split your crowd up. Good attendance lends itself to more energetic shows – most bands tend to do better-sound better, have better energy and therefore a better show when they are getting great energy from the crowd. Play as much as you can, but spread those venues out, try new places, hit the road for mini road trips and longer when you can. And venues need to keep it fresh too, bring in bands you like from everywhere you can. Bolster the shows with local bands, but not always the same ones cause you can get away with not paying them (the locals) or you are relying on the same local bands over and over to keep up attendance. Venues need to spend some money on providing good and varying entertainment – you get what you pay for in anything. And venues, give new bands a chance! Personal experience, I have booked quite a few bands on their first show ever – to Great success, for them, the scene and the club. Really important, can’t say this enough, if you want the scene to be at your shows, and expand your fan base, be in the scene. I get these bands that are good but can’t find other bands to play with you – or can’t get the bands you like to play with you – are you out there supporting those bands? If you’re not IN the scene, the scene is not going to be in to you. They don’t know who you are, haven’t met you and haven’t seen you out supporting – so why should they? Bottom line tho for any band, if you don’t have good songs and good writing, well what can you expect?

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