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I have an important announcement.

I started Queen Of The Scene as a hobby. It stemmed, of course, from my love of music. We are always told to find something we love and make a career out of it. Thats what I’ve tried to do with QOTS. I loved music. I loved LIVE music. I loved alot of the local bands here in south florida. But somewhere along the line, my heart has become jaded. Being a music fan and working in the music industry are two different things. I’ve realized that I miss being a fan. That, and the fact that this is not a lucrative career to support me and my family (at least not on this level). So the time has come for me to take a step back and focus on my family now.

I hope that I’ve left an imprint on our scene, in some small way. I hope that many of you will remember me as a small stepping stone to your careers someday. And most of all, I wish you all the best and I hope you all become successful and south florida gets recognized by the world for it’s awesome music.

I am extremely grateful to all the bands that I’ve worked with who have shared their passion with me, the venue’s who’ve allowed me to showcase those bands, the investors and business relationships I’ve bult and most of all the friendships that developed through all of these.

Even though I will be stepping back from booking and promoting events, I am leaving a facebook group page, so that you all can promote your events there. Feel free to spam it up… and keep an eye out for me at shows, where I’ll be there as a music FAN now.

2013 approaches…

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As the new year approaches, what are some important lessons you learned this year that you will not make next year?
We all make personal new years resolutions, but how about your bands goals for 2013?


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No, this is not about the band OVERKILL, lol.

Just wondering… does it hurt or help when a band has alot of shows back to back? Obviously if they are getting paid by the clubs, then its beneficial for the band financially, as well as in merch sales. And it can also be beneficial in gaining exposure and building a fanbase.

But as far as audience attendance, do you think it’s wise? For instance, one might put off seeing the band if they know the band plays twice a week all over town. Also, venues could get tired of booking the same bands over and over, especially if their audience is dwindling due to the previous scenario.

Then comes the question, if a band only performs live a few times a year (or once a year), are they simply forgotten?

So which option is best… to whore your band out as much as possible or to make medium-rare special appearances?

I’ve heard managers saying a band should play as often as possible andI’ve also heard the opposite, that in a place like south florida, a band should only play once a month in dade, then broward the following month, then wpb…etc.

What are your thoughts?

I want YOU…

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It has come to my attention that some bands get offended when i dont ask them to play a show. Just because i didnt ask you doesnt mean i dont like you! Look, theres hundreds of bands in our local music scene, but only one me. So i try to get the word as best as i can when im booking a show and usually i dont specifically ask any one to play. I just hope that the word gets out and YOU contact me. So please dont be discouraged if I’ve never asked your band to work with me… just ask! I love working with bands I’ve never worked with before. Take a look below at the contact and booking info. Hope to hear from you soon!

1 door closes, 5 more open…

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1 door closes, 5 more open… Exciting news to be announced soon. Stay tuned…

The new year is approaching

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…And along with it comes change. Change can be good.
New look to http://www.QueenOfTheScene.com and new opportunities arising…